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Nursery & Pre K




Our Nursery program began in 2018 with a goal of fostering a love of learning at an early age. The program is designed to provide children with the opportunity to play and engage with each other through a wide variety of activities. The classrooms are set up to promote exploration and to encourage each child to use their creativity as they play and interact with their classmates. 

The Nursery curriculum includes social skill building, daily routines, and dramatic play while working on sharing and teamwork. We build on these skills daily while preparing for their next steps into Pre K. 

Routine is the key to having a successful year in Nursery and the children respond very quickly and adapt to the set routines. Their day starts and ends with Circle Time. The morning session incorporates a short stretch/movement opportunity and then the theme/lesson of the day is discussed. Morning prayer and pledges are done daily and the children then shift to small group work and following the directions for the day. Since this is usually the first time many of these children are in a classroom setting, our teachers are always accessible to the parents with any questions or concerns.

Nursery will feel like your child's "home away from home."

The Nursery Program

5 Days a Week:

Extended Day OR AM Half Day

3 Days a Week (MWF):

Extended Day Only

Hours for Extended Days:  8:30a.m. - 2:00p.m.

Hours for AM  (5) Half Days:  8:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.


Long Beach Catholic Regional School opened its doors to our Pre-K in the Fall of 1999. Our mission has been simple - to offer our students a balance of skills to ready them for Kindergarten while igniting their love of learning. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child, fostering a love of learning, critical thinking, creativity and respect for diversity. Our students grow spiritually while building a solid foundation that fosters their social, educational and emotional development. 

Our daily routine in Pre-K incorporates prayer during circle time which is when the teacher shares the theme for the day and goes through SmartBoard activities. This is generally followed by group work during which the children work in small groups with the teacher or teacher assistant, as well as rotating through self-guided learning centers. 

The teacher based group work focuses on academic skills mirroring the theme of the day and the teacher assistant group works on seasonal crafts which enhance the lessons for the day or week. When the children work independently within the classroom, they will work on pre-made projects based on STEM, Language Arts, Math or Creative Play.

Each week students listen to the Sunday gospel together as a class and then enjoy coloring the weekly booklet that they then bring home to share with their families. The children enjoy singing/music each day and as weather permits, they get out to the playground on a daily basis.

Your child will find their "home away from home" within the walls of our Pre-K classes! 

The Pre K Program

5 Days a Week:
Full Day

Hours for Full Day:  8:15a.m. - 3:00p.m.
Hours for AM Half Day:  8:15a.m. - 11:15a.m.
Hours for PM Half Day:  12:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.