Parents Club

The purpose of the LBCRS Parents Club is to foster school spirit among the students, staff, and parents of LBCRS, to develop a close connection between school, home, church and community by encouraging parental involvement, and to enrich the students' educational experience through volunteering and financial support.  

Our Parents Club Needs YOU!

The Parents Club of LBCRS renders invaluable service and support to the maintenance and growth of the school. While the intention of this organization is to raise funds to help offset the ever-increasing costs of educating the children, this is not its exclusive function. 

The Parents Club also:

  • fosters a spirit of camaraderie amongst parents, providing all an opportunity to share their hopes, voice opinions and find support,
  •  coordinates with the school in providing quality education for the students through after school activities, and
  • works collectively with all organizations officially connected with the parishes to further the school’s interests and ideals.


Upcoming Meetings

June 12th, 2024

 LBCRS Parents Club Committee Members

Allison Heslin, Caitlin Finnerty & Kristin McKenna

Facilitators serve on the school board, run PC meetings, and facilitate communications between committee members, parents, teachers and administrators.
Fundraising Events Director
Vicki Faustini

Oversees fundraising events and helps develop, coordinate, maintain and implement the annual fundraising plan in accordance with budgeted goals.
Marisa Vutrano

Manages all PC finances, prepares financial reports and budgets, ensures internal controls prevent misuse of funds, sends donor acknowledgements, and presides at PC meetings in the absence of Facilitators.
Publicity & Advertising
Dustin Reed

Shares alumni accomplishments to local media outlets, publishes online flyers on social media, and works with Parish Liaisons to utilize bulletins.
Monday Packet Publisher
Eileen Killman

Coordinates weekly Monday Packet and submits materials to school for distribution.
My Food Days Coordinators
Kristin McKenna & Alice Naudus

Manages the school lunch menu (available on My FoodDays website) by working with local restaurants and executes a lunch card system.
Lunch Coordinator
Regina Christmas

Organizes a committee to execute lunch delivery, as well as, monitors and replenishes supply inventory.
Recording Secretary
Catherine Quinn

Assists in developing agenda for PC meetings, records the minutes, and keeps record of attendance.
Faculty Liaisons

Mr. Rosenblatt & Mr. Dara Fosters an open line of communication between school staff and PC.

Fathers Club

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Monday Packet

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