Middle School





In order to prepare today's children for the tasks of tomorrow, the Mathematics Program of Long Beach Catholic Regional School is designed to assist students in developing logical thinking skills and reasoning ability and to apply these to real life situations. In a sequentially ordered curriculum from Kindergarten through 8th Grade, the students will be exposed to: numeration, probability, geometry, statistics, measurement, and mathematical operations in all number systems. Concrete and abstract experiences provide assistance to the students as they develop mathematical skills which enable them to be competent in all areas of computation and problem solving. During 7th and 8th grade, students have the opportunity to be in an Accelerated Math Program culminating with the administration of the Algebra I Regents exam. 

Evaluation of these concepts and skills is based on testing areas of computation, problem-solving, and concepts, as well as teacher observation of performance and oral opportunities of problem solving in daily life situations. 

Math Goals:

At the end of nine years of study, our students will:

  • Be confident in the use of written and mental computational skills.
  • Develop an ability to interpret word problems and to apply skills to solve these problems logically.
  • Know and use mathematical terminology correctly.
  • Be able to explain mathematical steps and procedures used to derive mathematical solutions. 
  • Be confidently prepared for the Catholic High School Entrance Exams and New York State math standard exams.  

Math Strands:

  • Problem-solving reasoning
  • Communication and application of concepts
  • Recognize and understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build


It is the mission of our Middle School Science Program to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand the "how's" and "why's" of the natural world. 
Our hands-on approach to learning and emphasis on group projects, in addition to individual work, reflect the scientific method in the real world. Scientists constantly ask questions and make sensory observations. From these, come inferences which are tested and then examined by the wider scientific community to develop the theories that explain our universe. 

A Day in the Life of a Student:

Classes foster science literacy through a variety of note taking techniques, emphasis on vocabulary, and class discussions. Lessons come to life through frequent demonstrations, labs, and projects - concluding with group and whole class unit reviews. Students are encouraged to connect prior knowledge to experimental results to form explanations, and support each other in reaching learning goals. 
Students use Chromebooks to take notes, research, watch science tutorials, complete virtual labs, and collect and analyze data in Google Drive apps.
Laboratory Experiments, including edible labs, microscope work, and inquiry experiments are used to help students visualize and model scientific processes while reaching outside their comfort zone and having fun.
All 8th Grade students take the Biology Regent. They spend the year doing labs in class and online through virtual platforms. 


Middle School Language Arts is made up of many parts: reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Part of Language Arts is also teaching students to navigate computer software and hardware on their provided chromebooks. 
At Long Beach Catholic all middle schoolers write extensively: short answers and personal narratives to multiple slide presentations and formidable research papers. We believe that grammar is the foundation of knowing how to write, and we continue to provide this foundation from the early grades to the eighth, preparing our students with the knowledge they will use as lifelong learners, writers, and readers. 
Long Beach Catholic uses the Sadlier Vocabulary workbook; this also provides the online resources to assist them through the lessons and preparation for tests. In addition to short stories, poems, informational texts, etc., novels of different genres are read at each grade level. Films that assist in a topic's understanding are also used: Twelve Angry Men, The Seventh Seal, Temple Grandin, White Fang, Growth. 
Middle School is a time of growth. Long Beach Catholic teaches responsibility, organization, and consequences of choices. School is not just about academics; it is also having a student reach for their highest potential as a maturing young adult.


The goal of the Middle School social studies program is to promote a student's ability to think critically and creatively. Our aim is to provide opportunities for students to develop the intellectual, technological, social, and participatory skills needed to excel in society. 
Our Middle School curriculum engages students with a variety of delivery methods that foster student centered discussions, activities, and the development of autonomy. Our curriculum highlights both World and American History through the middle school years. Geography is an integral part of history and students masster important topics in both physical and human geography. Lessons include multimedia, as well as maps, charts, graphs, and videos. 

Program Highlights:

  • Each student has a Chromebook to research, take notes, work on group projects, and strengthen their learning skills.
  • Studying current events helps students understand the importance of people, events, and issues in the news. In addition, students build language, vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, problem solving, oral expression, and listening skills. 
  • Primary and secondary sources give us a unique insight into the past. Students can better understand how events influenced people's feelings, and how they thought about them at the time. Students learn to analyze these documents to help develop their research skills. 


The Enrichment Program at Long Beach Catholic Regional School is designed to strengthen and supplement student comprehension across all academic content areas. Additionally, it is the mission of Enrichment to foster interdisciplinary connections for students in ways that have real world applications. 

Through a broad spectrum of lessons, activities, and projects, the vision of Enrichment is to improve performance, to inspire, and to allow students to think critically and creatively about the interconnections throughout all disciplines. These include:

  • A food truck project whereby students develop a food truck company
  • A bridge building project whereby students design and test model bridges
  • Construction of a botanical gardens museum
  • A stock market challenge
  • Oratory practice using famous poems and speeches

With the array of projects and activities such as these, Enrichment allows students to apply their academic disciplines in ways that promote important life skills.